The Ultrasonic Vaporiser is an alternative product to the steam vaporiser. This unit works on the ultrasonic technology, which is the vibration of the water at 1.7 million times per second, resulting in a fine cold vapour that not only adds moisture to the air to help with
respiratory issues but also acts as an ioniser, diffuser, air purifier and night lamp. Now in it’s third year in Australia, the Ultrasonic Vaporiser is outselling the traditional steam vaporiser and is one of the fastest growing product category in the Pharmacy Industry.


  • There is no heating element involved. The vapours are a result of the vibration of the water at 1.7 million times per second.
  • No heating element, means no steam and therefore no condensation.
  • This technology does not create mould or bacteria problems in soft furnishings or on the
  • This is a multi-functional unit that not only acts as a vaporiser, but also acts as an air purifier,loniser, aroma diffuser and a mini night lamp.
  • The inbuilt safety switch will ensure that the unit automatically switches off when the water level depletes and hits the sensor
  • Maximum operates for 8 hours on the intermittent setting
  • This technology allows you to experience essential oils in their purest form by not using any heating element.
  • A fantastic alternative to the steam vaporiser
  • Steam vaporisers are not recommended for asthmatics due to the bacterial/mould problems.



  • Our sniffles blend has been specifically formulated to assist with respiratory problems.
  • Our sniffles blend is made up of eucalyptus, tea tree oil and lavendar
  • Sniffles in anti-viral, anti-bacterial, a decongestant and a relaxant in one.
  • This blend is a fantastic support to the ultrasonic vaporiser
  • We do not recommend any essential oils for newborn babies, we recommend oils after 18 months of age.