Sleep Drops for Adults, kids & Babies


Sleep Drops for Adults, kids & Babies


The SleepDrops Range

The SleepDrops range is an exceptional and dynamic range of natural sleeping products developed in New Zealand by Naturopathic Sleep Specialist Kirsten Taylor.
The liquid range of products is a unique com-bination of herbs, homeopathic remedies and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand. This unique blend of vibrational remedies has been designed to work on many different levels including - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and physiological.

Also included in the range is a nutritional powder providing vital nutrients that the body needs to get to sleep and stay asleep. Essen-tial Sleep and Stress Nutrients nourishes the nervous system, as well as supporting the body in times of stress, oxidation and inflam-mation.

Sleep is an integral component of health and wellbeing and is essential for our physi-cal,emotional and psychological health. The SleepDrops range has been developed to ad-dress as many of the common reasons why people don't sleep as possible. It is thought that as many as 47% of New Zealanders don't sleep well.

The range includes products for babies, chil-dren, adult's and includes remedies for both nighttime sleep support as well as a product to support the body in times of stress and low energy during the day.

The SleepDrops formulations are fine-tuned to ensure that within each remedy a synergy occurs supporting and potentiating the effect of every ingredient in the range. The clever mix and match system offers an individual approach to supporting natural sleep cycles. soothing frazzled nervous systems, over-ac-tive minds, energy and mood fluctuations and targeting stress resistance both day and night.

Sleep Drops are made in New Zealand from natural ingredients, they are gluten and dairy free, and they can be taken with other medi-cations and supplements and can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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