NoseFrida FAQs

How do I use NoseFrida?

See instruction sheet for step by step guide  to use nosefrida nasal aspirator.

Will I get the cold my baby has?

No. The hygiene filter prevents mucous transfer from child to user. Please review the clinical studies and bacterial evaluations.

Is NoseFrida safe to use for someone with allergies?

Yes. NoseFrida is made of non-allergenic and latex-free polypropylene. The blue filter consists of moisture absorbing polyurethane.

Is NoseFrida safe to use on newborns?

Yes. NoseFrida is designed to be safe and effective for newborns as well as toddlers.

Why is NoseFrida better than other aspirators on the market?

NoseFrida is better and safer, since you never put anything inside the nose, and you control the amount of suction you apply. It does not irritate the sensitive lining of the nose. Children tolerate NoseFrida better than other aspirators.

I am concerned about the recent warnings about plastics. Is NoseFrida safe?

NoseFrida contains NO phtalates, which have been linked to health risks when used in baby bottles, pacifiers and other baby items. It is manufactured in accordance with the European Union environmental regulations and is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

How do I clean my NoseFrida?

NoseFrida should be detached from the tubing and washed with warm water and soap and allowed to dry. Hygiene filters should be changed after each use.

I took the tube apart for washing, and now it won’t stay attached.

The tube has to be pushed very hard until you hear it snap into place. There is a groove inside that makes the 2 pieces fit together snugly.

I know my child has mucous but nothing comes out. How do I get the really thick stuff out?

First, try 1 – 2 saline drops in each nostril, wait one minute and then apply suction. Try rotating the NoseFrida in a circular motion against the child’s nostril. You will hear some sounds when the mucous starts to come out.

Does the NoseFrida aspirator include filters?

Yes, 4 filters are included, but it’s recommended that the filter be changed with each use. Extra filter bags are $5.95 for a 20 filter bag. Buy Online.

Where is NoseFrida manufactured?

NoseFrida is manufactured by Nasalprodukter AB in a modern factory in Malmo, Sweden.